FA fines and bans coach ‘Swan’, ‘Salika’ for quarrel

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The FA have imposed fines and one-match bans for Liverpool and Newcastle United’s John Achterberg and Dan Hodges, respectively, after the pair caused a disturbance at the end of the game. late last month

The English Football Association ( FA) has fined and banned one match for Liverpool coach John Achterberg and Newcastle United coach Dan Hodges after the pair broke out in the late game. The English Premier League, where the Reds opened the home game, defeated Salika Dong 2-1 at the end of August. 

FA fines and bans coach 'Swan', 'Salika' for quarrel

The incident came in the 98th minute of stoppage time after Fabio Carvalho scored the winner as the hosts slashed the win. Even though at first they were always the same. As a result, the Red Machine staff members expressed their joy. While the UFABET team of the local Tyneside view it too long. became out of control on both sides until the chaos 

The FA said in a statement: “Coach coaches from Liverpool FC and Newcastle United will be banned, fined and cautioned for violating FA Rule E3 during the Premier League game on Wednesday 31 August. 2022 John Achterberg and Dan Hodges both admitted their 98th-minute behavior was inappropriate and the Liverpool coach also admitted that He used an aggressive and insulting manner.” 

for the punishment Liverpool coaches will be fined £7,000, or about 308,000 baht, and Newcastle coaches, £6,000, or about 264,000 baht, along with banning both from one match and warning them about such behavior not to happen. up in the future as well

The red machine There was originally an attacking program against Chelsea in the league game this weekend. But because there are not enough police officers because they have to take care of the order during the royal funeral ceremony Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom therefore had to postpone They will return to play against Brighton on Saturday October 1, while Eddie Howe ‘s men will host Bournemouth on Saturday.