Former Red Devils checkpoint Foster has announced he will hang up his gloves

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Former Manchester United and Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster has announced his retirement from football. After running in the football industry for more than 20 years, pointing out that it’s time to be with family.

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster has officially retired at the age of 39, citing family reasons. Despite many clubs contacting to move to the pole as well in the past, especially Newcastle United, the new billionaire in English Premier League football.

Former Red Devils checkpoint Foster has announced he will hang up his gloves

The veteran Dan has expired at Watford, who had just dropped into the Championship last summer. Make a free agent, which Salika Dong , who has a problem with the outpost, hand 1 and the third hand of the injured team has submitted an offer to grab the team. But the news refused, so he grabbed Loris Karius, who is out of contract with Liverpool instead.

Other clubs The interest was unable to convince this goal until the latest news came out to announce his retirement from the career. Resulting in the termination of the goalkeeper role over the past 20 years, with a total of 126 shots on the pole since the beginning of the football career from the 2000-2021 season with Stoke City, but before he could act Had to play for Tiverton Town on loan two years later.

Foster said, “I just had dinner and I thought, no, I’m not going to do this again. I must be happy and comfortable. And I wouldn’t be able to do that if I was far from my UFABET family. this will kill me That’s why the gloves are hanging up.”

For Mr. Tawar good people Aside from serving as a goalkeeper for the Red Devils and the Hornets , he has also played for Birmingham City and West Bromwich Albion, and has been with the Roaring Lions since 2007. -2014, a total of 8 games, along with being in the hometown team to fight the 2014 World Cup in Brazil as well