Harrison signs Toffees on one-year loan, believes he can take further steps

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Leeds United forward Jack Harrison has joined Everton on loan on a one-year deal, a huge club that will help him develop further. Plus the atmosphere of the cheerleaders is also good.

Winger Jack Harrison believes English Premier League side Everton is the right club for him to develop. After signing a season-long loan from Leeds United And they can sign permanently if they want. ready to admit Was thrilled to be moving to Goodison Park, especially the supporter atmosphere he had come across when he played as a competitor. But now I’m on the same side as the football fans.

Harrison signs Toffees on one-year loan, believes he can take further steps

The 26-year-old offensive line is the target of Toffee Blue Including Aston Villa. After Yungthong had to drop down to play in the English Championship. But he wanted to move to play with the candy army. So he decided to join the ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com team this summer after Arnaut Dan Yuma. Dutch striker, veteran full-back Ashley Young and young striker Youssef Chermiti.

“This was the best place for me to grow,” Harrison said. The manager expressed that How much does he want me? It was a difficult time for the team last season. But after talking The club is in a really good position. and is heading in the right direction This is a great club. I remember coming to Goodison Park and I always hated coming here. because of football fans and the atmosphere that people bring So I’m excited to be on the other side of that.”

At the same time, the former Manchester City player also came out to mention Everton ‘s first game that opened at home to a narrow 0-1 defeat to Fulham that he knew the first game was unlucky. But there are good things A lot came out of that game. And hopes that he will continue to be part of the team Talking to everyone here. To experience what the club and its facilities are. is something that makes them very impressed

Sean Dyce ‘s team struggled to survive in the top league By last season finishing 17th in the table, only 2 points above the relegated team, in this new season they do not want the situation to repeat for the third time, but only the first game must be met. defeat is gone The next game is at Aston Villa on Sunday