Henry believes the Chelsea player is not happy with Potter’s decision

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Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry believes The Chelsea star was not happy with manager Graham Potter’s decision in the Champions League game last night.

Thierry Henry believes Raheem Sterling was unhappy with Graham Potter’s decision to substitute him in Chelsea’s draw with Red Bull Salzburg. 1-1 last night (Wednesday, September 14, 2022). However, the start of the new season of the UEFA Champions League of the Navy Blue Lions must be considered quite bad after the latest game can only be drawn at the Rang Stam. Ford Bridge in Potter’s first team management has been disappointing. Plus they drowned them in Group E with only one point from two matches.

Henry believes the Chelsea player is not happy with Potter's decision

 Sterling opened the scoring for Chelsea against Salzburg with a brilliant second-half finish. But the Austrian champions left Stamford Bridge with a point on hand. After Noah Okafor used an opportunity from a defensive error for the hosts to equalize 15 before time. Minutes, but Sterling looked less impressed with Potter. When he was replaced by Christian Pulisic six minutes before time as the team rushed to score the winner.

      “We all noticed and we were like, ‘It’s too soon,’ Henry told CBS Sports about Potter’s decision to replace Sterling. to remove the sterling because he scores And you know he can score another goal But I think I don’t like leaving the game after scoring. Let’s see how he copes with that.”

  Meanwhile, Jamie Carragher said he was unsure of the system Potter used in Chelsea’s draw with Salzburg, when asked if he felt the style of play was enough. Did that work for Chelsea? Carragher replied: “Not working well.” “They didn’t win the game. They don’t create many opportunities. But that’s how Graham Potter works with Brighton. ”

Peter Crouch believes Potter must reassure his Chelsea players, pointing out that Pierre -Emerick Aubameyang and Hakim Ziyech are lacking there. clearly This game the Gabon forward started but didn’t contribute much as Ziyech came on in the second half and looked dangerous but couldn’t make a difference. The former Liverpool striker thinks that these two and the other players are having problems with confidence And that’s what Potter had to emphasize.

         “There are some advantages,” Crouch told BT Sport , “but the Champions League with Salzburg and playing at home You are expected to win that UFABET game. They have the opportunity to do that. So did Aubameyang in the last two games .

Former Chelsea winger Joe Cole also picked Ziyech. While the other two substitutes, Christian Pulisic and Armando Broya, have confidence issues. “There are a lot of players in this team who don’t have the utmost confidence. Confidence is what you have to build. Work hard in training, do things right and it will come back,” Cole said. “Ziyech is one of them. Another Pulisic not in the best form. Broya was a nervous young man. Because this is a huge step forward after leaving Southampton.”