How to play with one card of Rules of Dragon Tiger

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1. Players can bet on 3 slots, namely Tiger, Dragon and Tie (Tie Game). Which some online casino’s Dragon Tiger tables may have sub-slots, such as odd, red, black, added in each side to give players more betting options. However, there are different payout rates depending on the type of bet placed.

        2.  Players must place bets within 25 – 50 seconds (depending on the table or online casinos determine). Then the dealer will stop accepting bets and show the UFABET cards.

How to play with one card of Rules of Dragon Tiger

        3.  The card score starts with A (1), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J (11), Q (12) and K (13).

        4.  The dealer will deal 1 card at the tiger and the dragon on each side. Without the player having the right to call more cards like a baccarat card game. After this, we can only sit and measure our fortunes to see. If the cards on the side that have been wagered will have a higher score than the other side or not.

        5. The dealer shows the cards one side at a time. When the cards are revealed, the side with more points wins.

        6.  If the cards are revealed, the scores of both sides are equal, resulting in a tie (Tie). Players who bet on Tiger and Dragon will lose half of their bet. And must keep the remaining bets back to prepare to play the new Dragon Tiger card round