Pep gets teased by fans after receiving a yellow card even if the team wins

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has been teased by fans. Online after receiving a yellow card during the Blues’ clash against Dortmund last night.

Pep gets teased by fans after receiving a yellow card even if the team wins

   Although Manchester City came back to beat Borussia Dortmund 2-1 in the UEFA Champions League group stage G (2nd leg). But Pep Guardiola was also shown a yellow card for an argument with the referee at the end of the match. The German opponents disappointed. The Blues for most of last night’s game at the Etihad Stadium and fell behind shortly. After the start of the second half with Jude Belling. Ham was the one who headed the Yellow Tigers to lead first.

 But two incredible goals in the final 10 minutes. Starting with John Stones and a stunning acrobatic shot from Erling Haaland , ultimately ended up winning the hosts. But obviously that wasn’t enough to keep Guardiola happy because. He began protesting Italian referee Daniel Orzato after the game with Phil Foden trying to join the band.

The Manchester City boss continued to show his anger towards the referee in the game by. Before he walked away, he seemed to be speaking in the face of the referee with profanity. As a result, Orzato decided to give Guardiola a yellow card. Before the Spaniard turned around and hugged the referee in an apologetic manner. The event left everyone who watched the clip burst into laughter. The two had a little chat in a more calm manner. As they tried to explain their point of view to each other. 

    Fans on social media have reacted to Guardiola’s reaction in a joking manner. “Pep is funny, I love him”, “Hahahahaha Pep said so much until he saw the referee putting his hand in his pocket and he tried to apologize.”, “Pep Guardiola has to be one of the strangest personalities in football. ” I don’t understand why Guardiola has scolded the referee even though Manchester City will win “Don’t take it, Pep. Don’t mess with the referee”, “We won”

         Guardiola also compared Haaland’s finish to one of his mentors and former Barcelona player Johan Cruyff: “What a great goal.” said Wardiola. “You know Johan Cruyff influenced my life as a person and mentor. Several years ago he scored an incredible goal at the Nou Camp for Barcelona. Against Atletico Madrid, the moment Erling scores I think it’s quite similar. It was an amazing assist from Joao. And the finish from Erling was brilliant.”

 While Haaland teases his former club after scoring for Manchester City, the Norwegian has scored 13 goals in eight UFABET games since joining from Dortmund. Haaland’s 84th-minute goal was his 26th Champions League goal and he was delighted with scoring the former team’s goal before joking that ” “Well, they didn’t stop me, so I shot,” “But they played well, they were good . Mund) knows me very well. Dortmund played really well today, but getting the three points is important.”