Popular Live Casino Games

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1. Online Baccarat Game (Baccarat)

Baccarat online game or Baccarat is the most popular casino game. for that bet It’s so easy In which the bettor must choose to bet on either side between the Banker and the Player, whichever wins, receives the money immediately. Every web casino must have a Baccarat game to play for sure. Features of the game of Baccarat Is that there are many betting patterns, high payout rates.

Popular Live Casino Games

2. Online Slot Game (Slot)

For the online slots It is a game that is coming on strong. and can really play for all ages How to play is very easy Just spin or spin the wheel to stop spinning. By letting the pictures or letters line up according to the line style of that UFABET game.

For online slot games, there are various symbols. Many for players to win money, whether it’s a bonus, jackpot prizes or free spins, etc. The outstanding part of online slots is that. Beautiful, colorful graphics, with each game having a different theme.

3. Sicbo online game (Sicbo)

It is another betting game that is the second most popular. Many people may be wondering. Why is the Sic Bo game so popular even though it’s a local gambling game? Because it’s a game that people have played for a long time. Classic Sic Bo betting style As a result, it is a popular Sic Bo game in the online casino website, sure enough.

Because people are familiar with the style of play. And gambling already, and many people know and play. Therefore, it is not surprising that Why does Hi-Lo have so many people playing? And for playing Sic Bo online, it’s like playing our folklore. But there will be more betting styles added to give players more betting options.

4. Online Roulette Game (Rolette)

online roulette is a simple spinning wheel game that allows players to guess what number the wheel will stop at The roulette consists of a total of 37 numbers, which are numbers 0-36, where players can only enter 1 number. If the roulette ball stops at any number, the bet will be paid.

5. Dragon Tiger Online Game (Dragon Tiger)

Dragon Tiger card game is the easiest card game to play. Until becoming a card game that people play inferior to baccarat card games. Because playing cards that tiger and dragon Measures the result of losing and winning from only one card. is when the cards are dealt and the cards are revealed Whichever side’s card point is bigger, it wins.

6. Fish shooting game

It is another classic game which I believe many people have played for sure. Playing fish shooting games is like going back to childhood. But fish shooting games these days are not the same anymore. because there are more players And the graphics are beautiful, bright and more realistic. Playing can adjust the money more appropriately. Each fish will have a different prize money as well.