Manchester United explains Greenwood’s name on the team despite being a rape accused

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Manchester United have explained that striker Mason Greenwood. The rapist accused, has been named in the Red Devils’ official squad for the 2022-23 season.

Manchester United have confirmed Mason Greenwood remains suspended despite being included in the official squad for the 2022-23 season. The 20-year-old is not in the 25-man squad. But is in the squad. The U21 squad is eligible to play for the first team in the Premier League this season. But that’s not an indication that his situation has changed. After he faces allegations of rape, sexual harassment and threatened to kill an 18-year-old female student

Manchester United explains Greenwood's name on the team despite being a rape accused

 The Manchester United star was granted an extension of bail at a court in Manchester in June. After being arrested in January for pictures and videos posted online, he is also being questioned on suspicions of threatening to kill, while he spent three nights in a shambles. A prison cell at the Greater Manchester Police Station. Greenwood, who was not included in the Manchester squad United for the Europa League this season has been released on conditional bail and has been extended twice.

However, police did not say when the extension would expire after the latest court hearing in June. A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: “As the results of the bail review have not affected the progress of the investigation. Manchester Metropolitan Police will not provide any further updates on
the case until the suspect is charged or released without further action.”

         Greenwood’s player profile has remained online since his arrest. But the UFABET club has blocked the fans. By buying the shirt with his name and number 11 on the back , United are contractually obligated to continue paying Greenwood £75,000 a week. His last appearance for the club was a 1-0 victory over West Ham on January 22, while internationally he made just one appearance for England, his debut against Ice. Land in September 2020, but was later sent home for violating anti-coronavirus measures.

 Greenwood, who has scored 22 goals in 83 games for Manchester United United have not played for his country since. Police arrested him on January 30 after a woman claimed to have been subjected to physical violence and sexual harassment. The England international was initially arrested for raping and assaulting a young woman. but while being detained He was arrested again for sexual harassment and threatening to kill the victim. before he was released on bail